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Premium Wash Mitt

Gently wipe away dirt and grime with our natural wool/polyester/nylon blend Wash Mitt. 


Tired of ineffective car cleaning supplies that make your work take longer than it has to? Wishing for a better way to wipe and dry your boat when you’re on the water or back from a trip? The CleanTools Wash Mitt is a powerful washing mitt designed to make your washing and drying activities more efficient and effective. Whether you’re cleaning automobiles, boats, household windows or something else, this mitt helps you make the most of your effort!


Made of a unique blend of wool, polyester and nylon, our washing mitt is specifically designed to retain enough soap and water so that it minimizes the times you have to dip it back into the cleaning bucket. Its knit acrylic cuff is stitched with seams so that over time it won't deteriorate. Designed to improve efficiency while washing and drying, the Wash Mitt is one of the best and most durable car cleaning products. Our versatile wash mitt can be used on a variety of different surfaces. Keep one in your truck, another on your boat and one at home to clean windows. 


Made to be useful in a wide range of environments, our wash mitt was designed with functionality and adaptability in mind. Use this non-abrasive, professional-grade washing mitt at home on windows, outside on a boat, on your car and more. For the best results, set aside one Wash Mitt for each use so that you don't risk particles from the car scratching your windows or vice versa. Likewise, set aside more than one Wash Mitt when you're cleaning — especially dirty cars or trucks.

Learn more about our car wash mitt and its many uses above, or contact us with any questions!



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