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When you’re looking for quality cleaning products that are strong enough to dry cars yet safe and convenient enough to keep in your kitchen, come to CleanTools. Our unique line of ultra absorbent towels includes a wide variety of products. From dusting cloths that make vehicles shine to home cleaning products that efficiently wipe up spills, our products give you what you need to keep things clean and dry.

Types of Products We Carry

From on-the-go drying tools to multipurpose quick dry towels, our catalog includes a wide range of cleaning products to meet your needs. Here are some of the items we offer:

·      The Absorber®: For unsurpassed drying ability on everything from cars to camp gear, you need the best car chamois on the market: The Absorber.

·      Detailing: Use The Glosser® to get that showroom shine or the Drying Glosser™ for a quick on-the-go waxing solution.

·      Microfiber: Everything from the inside of your car to the furniture in your living room gets cleaner when using a tool like     the Dash Gear with no need for chemicals.

·      Buffing: Available in three different sizes, our buffing balls are made of soft Italian viscose fibers, attach to any 3/8” drill     and are a better choice than conventional foam buffers.

·      Wash Mitt: Gently remove grime from surfaces with our professional grade Wash Mitt, made from natural wool, polyester and nylon.

·      Specials: We also carry specialty packs like a three-pack of The Absorber Mini towels or a detailing kit to make it easier to get the tools you need.

Where Our Products Work

We offer far more than just a car cleaning cloth. Our products find applications in everything from dog drying to boat cleaning. Designed to clean surfaces made of metal, chrome, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, fur and skin, our cleaning tools supply all you need to keep products in top condition. Here are a few typical places where our products work well:

·      Cars: Get your vehicles sparkling inside and out with products like the Wash Mitt or the Dash Gear.

·      Boats: Take care of instrument panels and trim, not to mention your boat’s exterior, with our absorbent boat towel.

·      Household Cleaning: Say goodbye to musty kitchen rags and replace them with The Absorber, and use the Dash Gear to keep furniture and other household items free of dust.

·      Pets: When your furry friend comes inside from the yard or needs to dry after a bath, use one of our super absorbent         towels to speed the process.

·      Sports: Keep cool with a sports towel that can wick away moisture and dry your body quickly.

·      Outdoor Needs: From camping to hiking, lots of outdoor activities are more enjoyable with the right gear — and that gear should include cleaning and drying tools that are easy to grab on the go.



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